Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Girl~

Hey pplz.. Hahaz~ Today's my lucky day.. and it's 16 March 2010.. Not by predictions not by other things.. It's bout.. Haha~ my 1st Girlfriend.. (Forgotten to say I didnt blog for a long time.. hehe)

Hahaz!! It may sounds weird but.. she's from Philipines.. LOL. AND!!~ 2ndly I've nvr met her before!!~ LOL... Hahaz.. I actually known her at facebook.. she is the one who started talking to me on facebook. then we keep chatting and become good frenz and yeah I don noe why I started developed this feeling for her.. LOL..

Then I ask her to be my GF and that was the 1st time I said to a girl lah!! but it's on the internet lah.. even if ask me go face-to-face say I like her, I would be shy to say lah.. haha then she actually accepted my relationship status changes with her.. yes and it's (In Relationship) status.. Hahaz. (Actually asked her to be my internet GF 1st lah. LOL that's why she accepted.)

Eh that day was 14 March 2010, whr i asked her to be my GF~ I also told her my feelings.. on msn~ hahaz. And today was almost like forcing her asking does she likes me anot.. ahahaz. and u noe what she keeps saying out one word by one word.. like I, enter, . enter, hahaz she even add in (drums rolling) LOL. that's whr I laugh.. O.O (She call me my dear and puts (LOL!!!!!) then later she write I <3U!!!!!!!!! Then she adds LOL!! again.. Ugh~ and that's how I noe she really accepted me.. but yet still so shy.. hahaz)

Yeah. then of cuz she finally says yes.. at 1st she says no. Psst.. U wan to noe my feeling is it? I juz said I noe wad u wan to say. cuz of her speaking is like didnt want to say it out. then I thought she didnt like me la~ and when I said I noe what u want to say.. and she says u understand what Im saying anot.. And WTH~ wah is like playing with me la! LOL..

Hehe.. not surprised if she dosen't liked me cuz we don noe each other..~ hahaz of cuz later she said yes.. Aha. of cuz I was happy. LOL. And I asked her to why she didnt tell me she likes me when she knew I like her?? then she say she shy.. LOL OK she told me that before~

Ahaha my frenz gonna laugh at me if they see this lah.. but I don care la. I really liked her.. Maybe becuz she helped me when Im down lah. And I helped her back when she's down. We started sharing our feelings.. And I didnt noe why. becuz she asked so I tell her. At least she understands how I feel and even some of my frenz does not.. maybe that is why I fell in LOVE with her lah.. Hahaz.

And I didnt really expect myself to write that much la.. This was the 1st time I written something so much that this is more than school's compo la..and it's my own will to write.. Although I used a lot of singlish.. hahaz. I might pass only if they ask me to write more than 200 lah.. LOL. I written so long and I bet this is the 1st long story in my Blog I've ever written, and I call this the POWER OF LOVE~!! (BLEW KISS TO LEA)

Oh By The Way!! Her cute and sweet name is called Lea Kieth Montemayor Vilvestre~ I remembered it becuz Im her Boyfren now!!~ Fools!! Hahaz - Cold


gLen.. said...

wow.. u're really into it goh mun kit.. wee.. that's love.!! it always keeps us alive..

UndeadZ said...


Li Yang said...

HAHAHA!! the first time i have read this.. I was so shocked! ^_^

Lj.. said...

@li yang: haha.. u shouldn't be..
@undeadz: because i'm following lea and she's following u.. haha.. wondering again.?