Thursday, October 14, 2010

7th Monthsary

Hi~ Waaah today so unlucky in school~ team up with the ppl I don like!!~ One Bloody Tomboy one guai lan po lam pa kia~ ZzZ =.=|| why today so unlucky one!!~ I juz laughed at them when teacher put the leftover together~ then teacher see and can me T_T say arr u smile and laugh so wide.. and my rejection fail~ haizz~ damn unlucky!!

By the way today is our 7th monthsary~ YEAH!! hahahaha.. I see no response from her~ maybe she forgot.. I also nearly for forgot LOL~ but force to keep in mind.. the stain is there even i forgot.. after get home it will struck me ahaha!! Well HAPPY 7TH MONTHSARY MY DEAR~ I LOVE U!! MUAH AND HUGS!!~ <3

Hahaha~ the picture of us I have edited~ though it's not that good~ but I like it

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