Friday, November 19, 2010


Today I was going home taking MRT at Tanah Merah~ There was this 2 cute little girl beside me with her mom~ her mom then ask them to take a picture~ one of them didn't turn around so her mom called out to her~ she said: "Liya~ turn around" while her another sister were posing already~ hahaha..

Can hear her accent it must be Philippine~ maybe Indonesia? not sure but I guess it's Philippine~ hehe the girl called Lea was wearing a cute yellow dress with a track pants~ somewhat same as her other sister.. she have a long silky hair~ like most little girl have~ hahaha.. big eyes and small nose~ JUZ ONE WORD~ CUTE >.< OMG!!

I keep looking at her and her other sister but more on Lea becuz she is cuter hahaha~ they were also playing with each other.. hahaha.. her mom also take a picture of them when they in train, I also want to take picture of them but I'm afraid people might look because I don't even know them~ hahaha.. that's sad because I can't post any picture of her here now~ aww :(

I really want to have a daughter!!~ hahaha

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