Sunday, November 14, 2010


HAPPY 8TH MONTHSARY DEAR!!~ haha I almost forgot~ I was when I was chatting with my friend Kenneth and I went to see the date of when he is coming back~ I only see how many more days he will be back from Hong Kong.. I didn't notice it LOL.. only when I was chatting with my dear thru wall post in Facebook because the chat is in maintenance and for no reason I went to see the date again~ then it sudden reminds me~ hahaha I don't know how it's like if we forgot our monthsary~ say belated monthsary? LOL.. hehe THANK YOU SO MUCH, for all this while.. you made me feel like a lucky guy to have someone like you and I'm happy~ I LOVE YOU DEAR MUAH!!~ why am I teary again writing this?? I'm glad to know someone like you in my life~ If I wouldn't be able to see you this life I hope I we can meet the next life.. It must be fate to bring us so close (yet so far) <3

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