Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Light and Darkness Fun

Just came back home from school~ I'm so tired and sleepy -_- but don't like spending afternoon sleep because I wanna use computer~ I'm such an addict~!! I sort of hate it..

Today had some fun in school~ we switched off the lights and we used a lighting equipment that can flash fast or slow~ and u can adjust it.. we did it in a middle speed~ and we played "catching" hahaha~!! My unlucky classmate got chosen because tomorrow is his birthday~ LOL.. we had 2X SUMO SLAM HIM!! u can say it's Rugby Stack also~ LOL.. but I call it human stack~ ahahaha!! the lights are blinking so u can see the ppl are like cartoon!! one frame by one frame~ like a slow motion also, 1st thing u see someone running towards u~ 2nd thing u see his in front of you already!! hahaha!! so much fun..

We also do chanting and we also followed behind LOL..Simon the leader is hitting the mallet with the tool.. after that we line one row and the guy is sitting on the table then we bowed 3 times LOL!!~ oh god~ it's damn funny!!! I got tired because of running around hahaha~ I even did some exercise that's why.. I doze off in the train again~~ this time standing up~ hahaha my eyes just feel like closing.. OMG

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