Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Long Disctance Call

hehe oh god.. Today is my dear's 18's birthday~!! I went to call her today haha~ my plan were to sing happy birthday to her but i'm too shy to!! wow loudspeaker?! how can I carry on my birthday song?? lol it's the 1st time I called and really shy.. LOL PLAN FAIL!!! LOL~ XD

I can't really hear her sweet voice~♥ what a waste!! hahaha.. aww I wud like to hear more and clearly~ hahaha!! hmm it really feel so different talking in facebook~ LOL!! more like a fren.. hehe maybe wait till next time already.. or maybe hope to hear your voice LIVE? ahaha!! it didn't went well.. becuz I can't hear properly..I used so much of my brother's phone~ it went from $100+ to $30+.. wahh I can spent something nice for her already~ lol.. haha~ hope I have next time to talk~ hehe LOVE YOU DEAR~ MUAH!! Happy 18!!~

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