Friday, January 7, 2011

3 in 1 dreams

Last night I went to sleep without crying, maybe a drop only? Things starts running in my mind.. I felt I was a changed person, I know who I have become.. lol.. maybe it's just to forgot everything.. I must have gone crazy not to tear tonight and have wild weird thoughts, too stress? maybe.. I then slept, I started to have beautiful dreams..

1st time I was at somewhere at night, there is this man-made building with lights on it.. it's very beautiful and I remember seeing this white colour F shape designed building, it was nice also..

2nd dream is I dream of a place where the area is wide and open and it's nature but not all, the path is man-made and trees are 2 each at a side and middle is big path.. I then see hot-air balloons, I started waving to them lol.. like how monster hunter game did.. I think I see a human, it's a dot. if it is then balloon must be big and far because it looks like a normal size balloon from where I see, thinking it must be a paradise up there, where clouds are below.. I also remember I dream about me at my workplace lol even I never had one.. I still remember my desk is the one near the door and when I got out, I see big cities.. it's like Hong Kong or Japan or America, everywhere is car and a lot of people.. big tall buidlings, just in front of me is road and at my left is a "+" road...

3rd dream, It's very fantasy, hahaha.. I dream of a group of dark, dirty and a little hairy beasts in a wooden locked jail? About 10 to 20 beasts they were a group together.. I then have mixed up with other group of monsters also lol and about same amount of beasts.. Their face are different but bodies somewhat same as them, they also walk 2-legged.. My clan leader was talking to them, where they were locked up.. after we leaved I then found weapons and tell my clan.. after that we have a fight and the gate was opened, hehe yeah we are fierce!! Different beasts fights, I can't remember if my clan or theirs have bird-face, like beak or maybe im wrong that none of them have, forgotten.. I haven't fought because I'm at the back, the gate was small also.. I then forgot about the fight, like I stopped there..

I then dreamt of my cousin, I think it's after the fight or something, he said kill him if he had turned a vampire, in my hand there is one katana also but not very long and he instant change already when he talked to me, teeths below starts coming out thru his meat, I told him and he gave me the permission to stab him, I then tried to stabbed him in the heart, it's hard to stabbed through, the sword goes through him slowly and I see he was in pain, he didn't die.. maybe I didn't hit his heart, I went to his back and stabbed again, the sword goes thru slowly and he's in pain again but didn't die.. He then take my katana and stabbed it upper, near the lungs area, he stabbed in fast.. I thought I don't have the strength lol~ I then think I woke up or stop dreaming already, I don't know what happened next.. I woke up at about 7+am i missed called my girl again, hmm I think I still miss her..

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