Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hating Life

Sigh~ I just don't understand.. I really have no choice, I don't want to say, because I'm afraid you think I'm demanding and I also don't wanna say out what I don't like about what you do~ Yet you don't like me to hide.. :'(

What am I going to do? you don't like me talk to your friends~ I have no one to talked to.. I feel bad keeping inside~ why can't you let me vent it out?? I'm very confused~ What shud I really do? I can't do this, I cant do that~ I can't even ask advice or vent out my stress?? Yet when I asked, that I can't vent it out?? you say why? it's therapeutic.. I'm really stressed and confused.. Yeah it's like a both way dead end.. I wrote it on my Facebook status even before this happened.. ;'(

Maybe I'm a bad talker~ what I really want to say is.. you never spice up our life love life for just a little~ I nvr got one~ I always tried new things to make you happy and feel surprise~ hope you understand, I just wanna make you happy.. it's not I didn't see your efforts just that you are always so quiet and shy.. I never thought that you will still be so shy until now~ I'm surprised, yeah I'm just stupid~ I can't feel your shy or what, I'm just stupid.. I told you I am and you wudn't believe me~

I hate everyone.. they are the same~ why must the one I trusted most did this? How can I be better? I hope you can accept who I am~ why won't you let me try? I can't pass for just a time, even people fail lots of time to succeed~ I hate myself, I hate my life.. My bestfriend cheated me and you did this~ how can I accept to trust someone? It's also a reality not to trust anyone, but don't you accept the fact then? I really can't take it anymore!! ;'(

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