Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I actually dreamt of me as a GUNZ character.. using dagger poking someone on the staircase towards underground~ lol.. maybe I played too much.. later on I dreamt of me and my dear playing gunz~ maybe it must be last night the vid I watched in youtube.. I also dreamt of Adrian reading medical notes and writing in a clinic i think.. I asked why your here? He said because there is nurse here so I can ask them for the things I don't know.. wow he's in someone's clinic doing his homework, now trying to ask someone for help when they are working lol..

Later on I dreamt of me in some sort of place.. Then this place is like in US or something, there were Caucasians, now I'm at the carpark.. I tried to jump on this high stone wall which leads to another carpark? there is also cars there.. I then started playing parkour maybe I'm bored.. My mom and brother is there~ I went back a little and started running and jumped pass the front of this jeep this old man started chasing me.. I started running and jumping on top of cars, it's like anti-gravity or I have jumped too high~ because I landed slower than real, I mean the time I was in air~ then people saw and started chasing me also~ there were total 3 person chasing me.. I almost got caught by the old man because after I jumped I land so slowly.. he could have caught me but he didn't lol~ I started running to a lane with many cars then I started to jump on cars I think.. then I jumped on this panel thing like the one you see at bus stop advertisement I reached the shopping centre.. I just keep running inside and I think I have no place to go and they caught me.. There is 2 guy, a black guy and white guy~ then I give them my bag~ maybe they think I steal things from cars and run.. they check my bag and throw things out they saw a file with my name on it.. then they say why I don't wanna tell them my name earlier, I said he didnt asked.. well I was free to go, I think he said something and me too~ he turned and walked and the same time saying something, becuz what I said seems like I didn't change~

Then I go thru this door beside me.. then I am like in a big ship, like star cruise~ then there was a Caucasian man and woman talking, dressed in Sailor uniform~ so I asked them where can go down.. so they show me it's to the left~ I wanted to find my mother and hope she is still there waiting and didn't go around.. beside me is a wide and huge sea~ then I reached the end.. I saw this beautiful church or castle.. it's yellowish brown and pointy on top I then stopped and used my phone to capture such a nice scene~ there is also pigeons flying.. so I caught it~ there is also this china kid and his mom, they were over the ledge sitting on the stone path.. the kid then snatch my phone.. I didn't let go and tried to pull back if I lend him my phone there is chance he will dropped it in the sea~ after he said to his mom "哇,很好摸leh" lol~ because my screen is smooth to touch.. and I think I woke up already.. lol.. I think I already forgot my mom.. it's about 8am when I woke up~

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