Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's been a week and I'm still shedding tears right now.. I really don't understand why? It hurts a lot when your deeply in Love~ I hate myself!! Why am I like this? Why can't I understand her better? I can't take it because I trust you so much that you wouldn't do this to me yet this happens~ Writing all this just makes me cry harder, why does my life always have to be such a torture? I just want to say I LOVE YOU deeply.. please don't do this to me.. I'm very sorry to have hurt you also.. Why can't we just solved this out? You said you love me, we should just do this together, if you need time and space.. I will allow you, but please don't break with me and make it as if I never had a chance to be with you..

You say I don't trust you, I'm not.. If you say someone who is sad, happy or angry.. the words they says comes from their heart.. I'm so sad now, I want to die.. why am I still living in this foolish world? I know things will get better if we are together, maybe long distance relationship can't last long.. so the word you taught me nothing is impossible.. is it just crap? It's almost impossible now, I hate the way you do this to me.. I really hate it.. :'(

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