Friday, February 11, 2011


why must this happened?? it hurts. . . . Dear?? can you hear me?? where is the girl that once loved me has gone?? why must you do this to me?? it's very painful.. I can't take it.. have you really treated me like your hubby?? then why?? it's unexpected from someone like you.. I treated you as a family.. I'm happy to have known all your family.. I want to be together with you and live happily.. I hate writing down all this because everytime I write, I write it with tears.. but I can't!!

Nobody talks to me, nobody cares how I feel, everyone is doing their own things~ I can't keep this inside.. I feel so alone, I feel so devastated~ Do you really love me?? Then why are you making me in pain?? or you never want to be with me because we are too far?? I don't know.. I'm very stress.. I very lost.. I don't know what to do now~ If that is so.. I'm never going to treat relationship serious anymore!! Now I know why boys always cheat on girls now~!! ;'(

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