Wednesday, February 16, 2011

False Hope? or giving up?

I have found out that there are also people out there like me.. having a relationship through internet.. they also haven't met before.. There are 2 I know on facebook.. 1 of them got to see each other and they even got married and had a son.. From what I see it's possible!! but why are you making me feel so impossible??

Are you trying to break my goals?? Are you trying to help?? What's nothing is impossible when you think your giving me false hope?? or are you just giving up?? I guess you really feel bad when you don't never seen me.. but doing this makes me feels so hurt~ I'm not the one having negative thoughts~ you started to think about it already!! now you are just pushing me back to who I was before, I can never be positive this way!!~ Who can I still trust now??? :(

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