Friday, February 18, 2011

Hard to make someone happy?

As you can see.. I wanted to know more about you.. I did wrote on your wall once.. I asked you to write on your blog~ because I wanted to know about your life.. your school life or whatever, you didn't do it~ I just kept quiet.. I can remember you even reply, just "hehehe" Sometimes you just say Life is unfair.. it isn't.. It's people who are making it unfair~

Is this how you treat me as your hubby?? This is what I get?? How can I feel it?? I have already been honest with you.. I don't really know what is trust.. Why when I trust someone.. they did this?? I really want to see how deep is your Love for me~ I have done so much.. Is what I asked for really that much?? You don't like seeing me sad.. but there is nothing else you can do.. seriously~ ;'(

My life is so much meaningless without you.. How can I really trust someone, all my life have been so dark.. I really do appreciate being with you.. I'm no longer a sad person.. but why do you have to make me one?? I'm not one who likes to approach, but I tried my best.. everyday to approach you, I asked for a day.. you didn't even do it.. Is that how you want to make someone happy? I'm very sad.. very very sad.. I couldn't stop tearing now.. ;'(

I asked for a updating your blog, nothing.. I'm fine.. I asked if you can approach me 1st, still nothing~ It's not your like always busy.. sometimes you even have a little time to search for songs in youtube.. I just want to know more about you and your life~ Why can't? I asked for it already.. You don't like being expressive towards me, so I asked you to write in blog~ What else can I do.. Tell me?? What else?? Whatever I do is wrong to you..!! I even have to sacrifice this relationship in the end?? I hate my life, I hate myself, I hate everything because of you~ can't you just do me a small favour?? ;'(

Dear?~ Plz. . . . . just accept me a nd wait for me.. I would like to put on a Ring of Promise, Trust and even my Life on you some day~ I'm very sick and tired of Life already~

- Love Sick Sorrow and Heartbroken, Wen Jie ;'(

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