Saturday, February 12, 2011


So now, I can only say it's still impossible.. maybe you haven really treat me like your hubby fully because you think we are in a relationship~ or is it me just too dumb to treat you as my wife that I don't even treat this as a relationship? It's also because of our distance.. because we haven met.. I know.. because everything seems harder to be together~ I really hope to be with you one day.. The word you told me once "I LOVE YOU 99%" now i guess they are all a false.. do you even afraid of kissing me?? I'm even hurt when you leave me yet you still love me~ just because you are afraid of hurting me because you might forget me when I'm in NS and so~ false hope are also hope.. when you put in everything.. it might come true one day~ If you really love me and want be with me together, how can I still get hurt? ;'(

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