Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nightmare Everyday

Sigh~ I woke up in fear.. my mind just keep running and I can't went back to sleep.. I fear I might lost you.. and I have lost you.. It's very hard to breathe, as if I have asthma now.. and my heart just keep thumping so hard and fast.. I'm falling sick soon.. My body is very restless.. I'm still feeling so sad.. This still happens when I woke up the next day~ Sigh, it's in my psychology report about this kind of fear and stress I'm handling and I can't handle it.. that's why I'm going to a have a easier position in army.. I hope you can stop my stress.. All I'm hoping for is for you to come back and I will waiting in pain everyday~ I hate it when you say I have 99% hate and 1% love for you.. that's not true.. You don't even understand me~ ;'(

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