Thursday, February 10, 2011


I tried to sleep early last night.. I went to sleep at 2am but I couldn't sleep, I looked at my watch.. it was 5am already.. the sky is turning bright.. My mind just keep running and running.. all about you.. I don't understand.. before I stopped thinking about you.. my mind was a total blank and I'm so lost my tears starts falling and I was crying so badly.. ;'(

Did you really treat me as your hubby?? but it seems you just treat this as a relationship only.. You called me that but I think it's just a call.. a fake call.. nothing much.. Or is it because we can't see each other that's why you want to stop or this?? Nothing is impossible is such a lie.. I thought I can do it.. It seems not.. I have given up in everything, even my life.. They are just full of HATES.. I love you more than you love me.. I'm hurt more than you now~ It also seems your not the one I have known in the 1st place.. you have changed so much.. ;'(

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