Friday, February 11, 2011

Rain of Tears

It's rainning heavily~ Everytime when I'm down.. ;'( there are also loud thunders~ you said you are afraid of them, I would like to lend you my chest so you can lean on it while I hugged you covering your ears~ but. . . ;'( will it ever happens?? I would like to kiss you in the rain~ lay on the floor with you looking at the sky holding your hands.. I want to see your smile, I want to touch your face~ It's been so long since I lay and having rain falling on my face~ it's very nice sensation.. I hope I can just have it with you one day.. when your down, I would like to try my best to make you happy~ can you just give me a chance and wait for me?? I just wanted you to give me a name~ so I can put in facebook.. i know itachi is very dark and bad.. but you wouldn't have a idea to give me a name ;'(

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