Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sad Valentine's Day

Sigh~ It's Valentine's Day, still it's very sad.. I'm very sad.. It should be double happiness, now it's double sorrow~ I want to tell you how much I Love You.. It should be our Monthsary today~ I should be happy.. I can't.. why is my life so painful?? I'm very happy you wrote reply me Happy Valentine's.. and even happier when you called me dear~ I also want to say Happy 11th Monthsary to you.. I can't!! I'm very sad, I'm very down.. My heart feels so sour and my tears just keep falling..

This is the most painful thing I have ever been thru in my life.. I'm still tearing everyday~ what an idiot!! taken you so seriously and treat you like my wife and never thought this happened.. Does relationship really affects you so much?? ;'(