Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simple yet Complicated

Doesn't you change for someone you love and try to do better?? If I were to tell you what I don't like or hate what you do.. will you change?? You always want to be who you want to be and doesn't like to be changed.. If I will to tell you and you never change, I will felt pissed of course..

I just want to go through all this together with you.. can't I?? I love and treat you like my wife or I would even call you my lao po.. Why is it when I'm pissed.. I said the wrong thing, but not to you.. I was wrong?? Then why can't I joke when your pissed and why you can joke?? If you think what I said and my apologies is too late then I should also hate you because you treat me like that just because you are stress and worst still not even done by me in the 1st place?? I only stress so much because of you~!! To have get all this in return.. You said you love me, you care.. I don't see you care, asking me if I'm alright is also care but do you know cheering and encouragement is needed?? How do you cheer up someone?? It's simple.. I just want to hear few sweet words, is that hard??

If nothing is impossible then why does this happened?? why must I stop all this?? I'm going for my happiness is that wrong?? If your always shy and awkward, how can I be straight to tell you how bad I feel?? I don't want to break this dream, I just will wanna give up everything.. If you want to study, just tell me... I can wait or is it because I'm going to NS and you might not love me anymore so your giving up now?? I just want to wait for you and myself so we can see each other soon!! Why does this happened then?? You promised you will wait for me~ looked at all this.. such beautiful moment with such painful memories ;'( why did I print screened it? because I felt so happy when you said it.. I do get happy easily if you talk to me like that~ ;'(

The most selfish line that I've heard yet the sweetest thing everyone loves to hear from their loves one.. "Your Only Mine"
If this is the way you makes your Loves one happy, I treat you as mine and everything, my world.. the world for both of us~ You are the only one that can stop my pain now~ You don't have to say if how long is this already because everything seems like yesterday~ ;'(

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