Friday, February 11, 2011

Things about Love?

The simplest things you want is just to make your loved ones happy.. not sad.. and when they do, you just want to try your best to make them happy.. when they are happy, you will of course be happy~ Loved ones are meant to be together, if you love someone.. of course you wanna be with that person happily together~ It's about 2 being together doing what they at happy with..

Tiring and busy with work mustn't be the problem in Love~ Even when someone gets frustrated for a day~ It makes just someone you love to cheer you up~ Why fight with your loves ones when they just cared for you?? You will get upset, when on one day.. they are gone.. It's just like the movie spiderman where he quarreled with his uncle and he regrets when he had found out his uncle is gone and he regretted it, he didn't have the chance..
People may get pissed and frustrated at what you do, but it's because they just care.. You may be pissed for a day but you won't be the next.. Love is forgiving, acceptance and being happy with someone.. I know we haven being together but your happy "being" with me through facebook~ I know it's long and you will asked when is it, but if you trust and love me~ you can wait.. Love can wait.. because you will find life more meaningful and happy after your with someone you love~ Love is not tiring, it's people who are tired..

What are you going to choose? Rich but sad or Poor but Happy? Who doesn't want to live in a luxurious house? I don't really mind as long as I'm happy~
I have watched this video in facebook~ it's a very meaningful.. It's about a group of old ladies chatting together and it was New Year and they talked about their son.. the 1st lady proudly say he's son is busy with he's work, he's a lawyer who earn thousands.. he didn't have time for new year with her.. The 2nd lady say he's son is not better than the 1st but he's a doctor and he's overseas working and he's busy for coming back this new year and also bragged about how much he earned, finally the 2 ladies asked the 3rd one reply he's son only had a normal job.. but he's everyday bringing me out.. and when she was talking about he's son, he's car came and he hold his mother in the car~ The only 2 ladies could say goodbye and looked in envy~
That's a real family love.. we love and need love because humans have emotions~ They needed support and care.. when they get that~ they are happy

So Love = Happiness
Happiness = cares, concerns and supports

I love You like my wife, A family Love it is :)

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