Monday, March 7, 2011

Feeling Weak

Sigh.. I guess I'm also sick now.. My body is so numb and weak.. Don't have much energy, I have running nose the whole day and sneezing~ You don't feel like replying me and talking to me.. I can only accept it.. I'm sad and down, I don't want you to know now.. I try to be happy because I don't want you to go sad with me.. I don't want to bother you much because you have many things in school.. sigh~ I guess I have to sacrifice till the end till my very last breath and I hope I can make you happy.. I try to be strong, I'm trying.. I'm just like Naruto, I won't give up.. It's painful but I won't give up~ I approach you to ask if you could accept me again because you are a shy person, because you will never approach me and ask me for it.. but when will you accept me again?? ;'(

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