Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Girl in my picture

Sigh~ I still teared badly yesterday night and the night before.. I really hope I can be with you soon.. I'm so unlucky yesterday I used until there is no more tissue.. sound stupid right?? maybe.. I also woke up at 4.46am~ sigh.. You were running in my mind whole day..

I really love you so much, I really hope I can be with you one day.. I want to go out and have fun with you, spent my time with you.. Would you please stay and be with me forever?? Let me be the most special person in your Heart.. A person that can make you smile, laugh and tear together.. A someone who can spent your rest of life with.. Will you be my girl and hold my hands through this together?? All this pain, sorrow, happiness and joy..

I already have the image of everything in my head.. A picture frame of you and me beside our future home.. The joy to see you everyday and soon enough there may be a third person in the picture~ our child.. I would like the smile on your face when you are fetching him/her to school.. It will make me very happy to see such a scene~ You are the girl I want to marry.. Please Stay~ It's 4 more days to our Anniversary.. the day we started~ ;'(

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