Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Still feeling so weak.. sigh.. If everyone things that everything can't last.. why be so serious and got hurt in the end?? I didn't think that way because I'm really serious.. Calling you Lao Po means I'm ready to be with you forever~ Why can you leave me when you treated me as your hubby? If it's my fault I can change.. I make mistakes, I'm not perfect.. I can't find a perfect girl also.. but I still want you.. You said you don't look good and there are people better but I don't care.. I only want you!!!

My dear.. I don't have much time to spent with you already, I hope you can accept me as soon as possible.. 2 years isn't long.. Because I can still book out to talk to you.. so please~ Let's be something people can envy~ 9 Months through Facebook that's good already.. let me get to know you more then~ ^^

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