Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm waiting, Girl..

I'm just trying to spice up our Love life every once in a while.. I try to surprise you as much as you can, I treated you this way so I can make you feel Special.. I guess I have messed things up.. Just approaching me.. is that so difficult? for even once, I'm just asking for once.. Too much?? If you really treat me as a hubby, you would just try your best to approach me.. I will just be very happy to see that.. but it seems you don't trust me that I will go there after my NS, you really don't.. I can feel it.. also because you are not sure whether you will still wait for me, because you think it's long.. I just hope Singapore don't have NS then.. sigh~ If you were also to think positive and really do treat me as your hubby.. it would be "Yes!! I can wait for him.. so one day when he had finished his NS and I'm will be done with my studies.. I will wait for him so he can give me a BIG HUG when he comes here!!"

Now hello?? who kidnapped the supportive and cheerful Li Yang I know?? This isn't the cute Li Yang.. I hope she can comes back soon..!! huhuhu, this girl is so cold towards me right now

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