Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let Karma do everything..

Well.. nothing did happened on that day.. sigh.. I woke up at 6 today and had a hard time sleeping.. I'm so weak and tired I get up at 2pm already.. Then it started to rain after I woke up.. It always happens.. sigh.. hmm really this isn't the Li Yang I used to know.. changed a lot.. or stress.. I don't know but she seems so cold and cruel towards me already..

I do feel bad when I said I didn't trust you.. because people I trust just keep hurting me.. I didn't say I do because I'm so confused.. I didn't really know what you mean actually.. but I know my heart did not say "I don't know" because after you leave me.. it hurts so much.. someday you will know.. Karma will get you.. and you will know how I felt when you trust someone so much and they betrayed you.. I'm not cursing but I'm just saying.. Well I do felt betrayed but I can't say you betrayed me.. but isn't it too coincidence you got so sick after you leave me?? Maybe it is but we never know.. I will just let Karma do everything..

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