Friday, March 18, 2011

Shooting Star

Yesterday night.. I was sleeping half way and suddenly pain starts coming to my back and chest when I breathe.. So painful.. It's like needle stabbing.. it won't stop.. I get up.. I try not to breathe so hard or the pain will come back..I get up and I looked out of my window at the dark sky while calming my body down..

The time was about 12.30am+.. I keep looking and looking and on my left corner of my eye I saw shooting stars.. I think I saw one.. because it can't be imagination, it can't be a plane because it was so fast!! It's like a fire work but going downwards with lines following behind.. after that it was gone because the block towards me blocked it.. stupid humans creations.. of course I was happy and I faster made a wish.. I wish for so many things.. am I greedy?? lol..

It was so beautiful.. I think it's the second time I saw it through this window.. Am I being lucky?? It's very rare to see one.. I still wait for a while more before I sleep, nothing more happened.. it's really rare.. but I can't sleep.. the last time I see is 2am+.. I woke up so early today!! it was 6am+ but I get up at 8am+ because my body is still tired, but my mind is clear.. now my eyes is so stressed..

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