Monday, April 4, 2011

3 Months yet I can't get rid of it~

Saving up all this coins.. till 100 already for buddypokes.. I'm waiting, so I can post on your wall one day.. but it seems I'm irritating to you.. avoiding me so much.. Leaving me so blank and confused, sad and hurt.. yet you didn't help to cheer me up~ Is that how you treat someone with Love? or just because your irritated at the same time with me?? For my own good or for my own bad?? If that is so I wouldn't be hurting so long..

Now it's summer and your not online.. Seems you say you are busy for school days.. you are always lying.. I know you won't like me saying.. then I will say they are all excuses.. saying your treating me like a brother or we can still be best fren, and say I think that way.. I don't want to think that way.. but your making me feel that way.. is saying those also an excuse? or a lie? But I think lying is even worst then hiding my thoughts.. so much worst..

You once said your sorry maybe it's your fault and you don't what you are doing sometimes.. then what about me? You can't just leave me like this..!! It hurts me so much everytime.. There are many kind of trust.. I don't know which one you are talking about so I just say I don't know~ If that have hurt you then I'm sorry.. but if you really Love someone, you wouldn't let go.. instead going through with them~ So what happened even if I grow? You wouldn't come back anymore no matter how much I Love You.. It makes me sad thinking and writing here.. If you don't want me to end my life.. what should I do when I can't get this off? Maybe you don't love me anymore becuz you say why do I care so much.. becuz I still love you.. but it seems you don't care now.. like I said before.. I Love You more than you Love me~ ;'(

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