Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bad Life

Got fever near booking out... zZz.. how bad it is.. can't sleep at night.. feeling so damn cold when the fan blow.. but wake up feeling hot and like sweating.. I don't really know why but it seems.. I.. Have.. Used.. Too.. Much.. Power?? LOL.. something I want it to happened... really happened on Monday.. coincidence? I don't know.. but it always happens when I "hope" for it.. but anyway... good thing I got to rest the whole day in the sick bay.. but bad thing is I got to put drip.. lol.. Needle poking in my arms.. that feeling.. WOOO!! still can bear.. I don't know why.. but I feel like I want to get poked again~ lol.. just feel like getting that feeling again.. to me it seems that days for book out is a little too less.. sigh~ we got to book out so late!! how unfair.. NS system totally suck man.. Even got to serve me lunch with curry bee hoon.. OMG man.. I'm having fever people!!! I thought they will be giving something more plain instead..!! I so hope I can finished this 2 years.. I felt so lost already yet i'm stucked here.. sigh.. I really had such a bad life..

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