Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eternal Pain..

How can this pain seems so eternity.. It just never ends.. I teared this for these 2 days, before I sleep, and even awake.. I even teared while waiting for bus, teared while in the bus.. but it isn't obvious.. but I guess my friend saw.. I don't know.. I just could no longer control myself.. In the end, all I get in return in Pain..

Nothing have really proven my Life is worth to Live.. even before I met you, you changed my Life so much.. I was a happy person then, I'm very happy to be with you.. to talk to you, even though I can't really see you.. You made my day everyday.. You showed me many things.. but then all seems to have Lost.. I have lost everything once again.. I felt so Lost.. I don't know what to do.. where to start..

You said we can still be brother and sister, you said we can still best friend.. but the way you reply and talk doesn't seem like it.. I told you but you said it's just how I felt, if this were to be not me but others.. do you really think they would felt this way too?? We didn't even talk for months.. So what are you really trying to say or do??

You never feel how hurt I felt.. You said you don't wanna hurt me but why are you doing this?? So in an exchange for your own Happiness for my Pain?? isn't that selfish too?? You don't need me.. You don't want me.. If you would really support me, we would have gone thru this together.. there is no reason for this to end.. ;'(

It's already 4Am yet I don't felt like sleeping, waking up is Painful..

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