Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Seen my psychiatrist today.. he gave me some weird pills.. it's for my mood~ he said there would be side effects.. like either drowsy or cannot sleep.. he asked which one do I want.. I told him I don't want to take medicine.. he said I should listen to him since I have been so down for so long.. there is 20 pills.. he asked me to take each day and I have to go back at 22~ I don't know what to do.. I don't want to take.. I'm afraid he asked about the things to test me if I'm happier now or is the pills bitter~ I'm afraid to lie..

My next visit.. he asked me to bring my mom along.. I don't like this feeling.. I don't like my mom to know.. I should just keep this to myself.. I'm afraid he would tell my mom.. I'm sure I wouldn't be talking much that day.. I don't want to say anything.. I'm feeling so stress.. I really wished I could die..

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