Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Haha.. I played three days of GunZ at YC's house... wow.. Thanks man.. Ur another laptop is better.. keyboard and mouse no problem.. I Killed a lot all thanks to you man..

I have learned RS(Reload Shot) and Advanced wall climb by sides on left and right.. My RS juz help me to kill so easily as i massived that girl and RS her.. I rmb her named sploooge.. After she died she juz write "fast".. Yes, indeed.. RS is faster than Swap Shot..

YC's brother also played with me GunZ and he hacked into others' room twice with password!! LOL.. So if you wanna try hack into the room.. Try typing 123.. He did this and hacked in..

Then i was so happy cuz of the room i hacked in are all noobs.. I rmb this girl named pskiller.. She juz spray.. Then she was the nubbest in the room so i go for her 1st.. LOL.. She only stand there and shoot.. I guessed she was dying when i pumped two RS on her and then i do some BF and she was dead.. After some rounds all the members in the room leaved and left YC's brother and me in the room playing.. So we also quit!!

I juz downloaded fraps but it can only record video till 30 seconds.. ZzZ.. It's was laggy too when i started recording.. Where can i download more better video then this fraps? But youtube have ppl using fraps with long timing and I don't think they join as member as it needs credit card.. Tell me if you find better recording video for GunZ.. You can write in the comment box.. I will post my GunZ vids next time.. Because YC haven't sent me.. It's a vid of quest when i 1st time see the "Fake Giant Goblin",so i started recording down..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Going Back For MHP2G??

Hey i really don't know if I'm really addicted? Now i found a new website and I gt a lot of new pictures of the monsters too.. All is absolutely Cool.. HAHAHA!!And got to know this new guy from malaysia..

He added me in MSN and we chat.. He say he live in Kuching Sarawak(i never hear before).. And he have Wifimax.. WTH.. I want it too.. So at least we can play with each other.

He's a old member of SoC and he say he was banned due to fight with the other members..name Agito.. LOL

I'm lazy to make new post cuz of playing of PSP.. SO don't blame me for not posting everytime.. Here's some new pic i found from the web.. I still have more and this is only a few nice one..