Friday, December 31, 2010

Early Morning

Good Morning~ Wake up at 5:30 today~ mind starts running and I can't sleep again.. now my eye is swollen~ dreamt of you twice but you seem unfriendly towards me already~ im so sad and so hurt~ I really hate this a lot.. why does someone have to treat me like this and say everything is for my own good.. so is it for her~ I don't feel like falling in Love again, the one I trusted most now ruined me.. I will be happier if we are together, I want to go thru this New Year Happily, not sad~ :(

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Break up

Why does she wants to do this? I just hate it~ you just use the word it's better for each other.. I really don't want to end this.. it's like a dream and goal turns into nothing~ thrown away by someone else~ I CANT TAKE IT~ WHY?! I JUZ HOPE EVERYTHING IS A DREAM~ I REALLY CAN'T LET GO.. IM VERY SORRY Lea~ :( <3

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Why does this always happens!! I just don't have a great life~ I think I have always chosen the wrong path~ My life is still so dark~ I want to be alone again~ :.(

Monday, December 27, 2010


Now I have quitted facebook games.. and I'm still an addict.. now I realised it's not only the games addiction, it's actually computer addiction.. well what else can I do.. I'm just bored~ almost nothing is better compared to computers, it's the internet I mean.. Surfing around like crazy~ Watching animes, games.. sigh~ Soon I'm just going to die fast..

Monday, December 20, 2010

Back From Xia Men~

Weee!! I had a lot of fun at China's Xia Men and few other places.. We went shopping, eat, play.. had lots of beautiful scenes there~ mountains, beaches and gardens.. We went to visit relatives, I don't know them but they are friendly.

We taken a lot of pictures and my uncle forgot to bring his video camera as he was rushing at the morning~ LOL.. and we almost tease him everyday saying "wo de camera leh?".. hahaha!!

I bought 3 magic set there too!! 1 is a colour changing tablet, a spring with a key chain ring and a 5 dice in a box.. I like the colour changing tablet.. totally amazing!! VERY TRICKY!! I went to trick my cousins and it was very successful~!! The dice one is the hardest, 1 of my cousin exposed the trick!! sigh.. must practice it and also what to say..

I remembered I dreamt of Hebe at the 17/12/2010, I must have listen to her song on the comp in the hotel before I sleep so I dreamt of her.. I dreamt I was doing her concert~ LOL.. I must have think too much about my school stuff.. I can still remember what the person say!! He/She say record live Love! from Hebe and I also see her sitting down singing to a squarish old looking mic.. she's so beautiful and so close to me~ XD..
And the day on 17 we went to this mysterious place where the gravity is opposite to what it suppose to be.. We reached the place and there were a few people renting their bike to earn money, what a good idea.. haha anyway it's cheap for us so we rented.. You have to cycle down the slope, it isn't really steep and when u cycle all the way down.. u have to cycle up a little to get the wheel going a little and u can stop cycling and the bike will slowly go up, it's very slow and u are like almost falling off the bike, but I tried to keep balance and it kept going..

On the 19 I dreamt of Hebe again.. after I woke up and brush my teeth, the TV in hotel is showing all the MVs of music artists and I heard Hebe's song "你太猖狂" and I rushed out to see a little, they only show all chorus.. and my mom asked, she only knows I like S.H.E~ haha.. so I dreamt this time she is just in front of me, short hair, very fair but I forgot if she make up but I think yes.. but her eyes are different the side looks like mine!! I have sort of "bend-ins" on my side of the eyes.. She don't look like Hebe but I know she is.. only she appears different in my dreams hahaha except for her eyes I guess the rest is the same, why guess? cause I didn't notice that much!! only looking in her eyes and we stare at each other~ but why I didn't dreamt of my girl when I think of her at night? I think I didn't think hard enough.. XS

Going to upload everything to Facebook soon and maybe here too!! some pictures and videos

Thursday, December 9, 2010

DYE Hair

Weeee!!! I have dyed my hair today~!! hahaha 1st time.. finally my mom allow.. it's dark brown.. she don't allow bright colours.. LOL~ but I keep asking for a white purposely. LOL then she say no, I say purple~ hahaha!!! lol.. ah it's quite cheap~ $5.90 only.. I forgot brand name.. but the number or colour number is 41

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time flys

Where have da pretty pics go?? Time fly so fast and I hate it.. Hope I can hold on to it~ ♥

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time Fly Fast

Wow the time do fly so fast~ I was once waiting for my girl's birthday and then now it's over and had went to my relative wedding dinner.. and now it's December and I'm going overseas to China soon!!~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Long Disctance Call

hehe oh god.. Today is my dear's 18's birthday~!! I went to call her today haha~ my plan were to sing happy birthday to her but i'm too shy to!! wow loudspeaker?! how can I carry on my birthday song?? lol it's the 1st time I called and really shy.. LOL PLAN FAIL!!! LOL~ XD

I can't really hear her sweet voice~♥ what a waste!! hahaha.. aww I wud like to hear more and clearly~ hahaha!! hmm it really feel so different talking in facebook~ LOL!! more like a fren.. hehe maybe wait till next time already.. or maybe hope to hear your voice LIVE? ahaha!! it didn't went well.. becuz I can't hear properly..I used so much of my brother's phone~ it went from $100+ to $30+.. wahh I can spent something nice for her already~ lol.. haha~ hope I have next time to talk~ hehe LOVE YOU DEAR~ MUAH!! Happy 18!!~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


WEEE! went shopping with mom that time.. bought a hoodie~ haha it was red LOL.. at 1st I don't know if I want to buy that.. there are four kind of colours.. Red, Green, Gray, Black... The gray I take it as white hahaha.. hmm cuz I got to mix my inner clothing with the outer colour I wear.. I like black but I got a lot of black shirt, the white I can mix with black thats normal.. well green is out instant LOL then I think of red~ hmm imagining.. hahaha I can mix it with white.. almost any colour, I don't have normal red T-shirt anyway.. and I think I can mix with inner black or white.. 2 choice!! I always think red is for girl.. but now I guess I don't really mind already, then it also reminds me of the coat Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist is wearing.. yet it's still so nice.. so I decided to buy Red!! lol.. I actually don't like bright red, I only like blood red(dark red).. haha now I can Cosplay Edward LOL

Happy Day for Laser!!

WEEE!! I'm so happy today ahaha because it's been so long since teacher praised me XD!! I was smiling when she keep praising me~AHAHA.. 1 thing I don't have to edit already and can play facebook, and she also wants to let my other teacher see and she keep the thumbdrive in her pencil box~

hmm ask me what did I do? I'm currently doing laser~ I did some on Friday, and I got to restart because of not enough of graphics for Star Wars.. haha that's what I want to do from start.. I got to choose space for my laser then.. but I find my laser includes more in abstract and that is no link~ ahh.. I did a lot of repeat because there isn't much space thing and so I added some technology stuff like abstract..

I got to do it for 2 and a half hours yet.. I rush and complete it.. I thought it was bad because it was like a non-link theme LOL and yet teacher say it's very good.. LOL she say she was shocked at what I can do.. But I think mine is simple and the song is fast it's hard to put the sync together, and I told her I keep repeating.. she says nevermind, she say because the song is long.. she will take the one in front and cut it.. I think she is going to show at our graduation and she tell me I do one more with a storyboard.. wah that's harder and she still thinks I can do it, LOL

Friday, November 19, 2010


Today I was going home taking MRT at Tanah Merah~ There was this 2 cute little girl beside me with her mom~ her mom then ask them to take a picture~ one of them didn't turn around so her mom called out to her~ she said: "Liya~ turn around" while her another sister were posing already~ hahaha..

Can hear her accent it must be Philippine~ maybe Indonesia? not sure but I guess it's Philippine~ hehe the girl called Lea was wearing a cute yellow dress with a track pants~ somewhat same as her other sister.. she have a long silky hair~ like most little girl have~ hahaha.. big eyes and small nose~ JUZ ONE WORD~ CUTE >.< OMG!!

I keep looking at her and her other sister but more on Lea becuz she is cuter hahaha~ they were also playing with each other.. hahaha.. her mom also take a picture of them when they in train, I also want to take picture of them but I'm afraid people might look because I don't even know them~ hahaha.. that's sad because I can't post any picture of her here now~ aww :(

I really want to have a daughter!!~ hahaha

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deepest Love within

I want to hold your hands so that any unhappiness will soon be forgotten ♥ I really do hope that one day we will see each other~ I want you so much~ I need you so much.. Why can we only talk though the internet?~ Why can't we just be like others?

I want to see your smile.. looking at you can make it seem like the time had been slow down.. We could be playing from day till night~ after you played all day and when you are tired you rest at my shoulders, we can go see the stars together.. I love nature a lot, do you? How can I know you more? I do want to know you more about you.. what you like, what you dislike~ so I can have better decision to make.. I LOVE YOU BADLY.. I hope I can dream of you tonight~ I LOVE YOU~ ♥♥♥

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Light and Darkness Fun

Just came back home from school~ I'm so tired and sleepy -_- but don't like spending afternoon sleep because I wanna use computer~ I'm such an addict~!! I sort of hate it..

Today had some fun in school~ we switched off the lights and we used a lighting equipment that can flash fast or slow~ and u can adjust it.. we did it in a middle speed~ and we played "catching" hahaha~!! My unlucky classmate got chosen because tomorrow is his birthday~ LOL.. we had 2X SUMO SLAM HIM!! u can say it's Rugby Stack also~ LOL.. but I call it human stack~ ahahaha!! the lights are blinking so u can see the ppl are like cartoon!! one frame by one frame~ like a slow motion also, 1st thing u see someone running towards u~ 2nd thing u see his in front of you already!! hahaha!! so much fun..

We also do chanting and we also followed behind LOL..Simon the leader is hitting the mallet with the tool.. after that we line one row and the guy is sitting on the table then we bowed 3 times LOL!!~ oh god~ it's damn funny!!! I got tired because of running around hahaha~ I even did some exercise that's why.. I doze off in the train again~~ this time standing up~ hahaha my eyes just feel like closing.. OMG

Sunday, November 14, 2010


HAPPY 8TH MONTHSARY DEAR!!~ haha I almost forgot~ I was when I was chatting with my friend Kenneth and I went to see the date of when he is coming back~ I only see how many more days he will be back from Hong Kong.. I didn't notice it LOL.. only when I was chatting with my dear thru wall post in Facebook because the chat is in maintenance and for no reason I went to see the date again~ then it sudden reminds me~ hahaha I don't know how it's like if we forgot our monthsary~ say belated monthsary? LOL.. hehe THANK YOU SO MUCH, for all this while.. you made me feel like a lucky guy to have someone like you and I'm happy~ I LOVE YOU DEAR MUAH!!~ why am I teary again writing this?? I'm glad to know someone like you in my life~ If I wouldn't be able to see you this life I hope I we can meet the next life.. It must be fate to bring us so close (yet so far) <3

Human Weakness

What is humans weakness? Do you wanna know? Can you find out? How are you going to find out? Everyone have it~ It's their weakness~ but it may not be the worst thing.. Just to keep myself reminded, it starts with R and it's 6 letters

The Unrevealed

Let's list the complicated things
1. Human
2. Living Things
3. Why are we here?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bad Eyes!!

My eyes is swelling~ it's been 3-4 days already~ hope it recovers soon~ and don have that bump.. I'm going oversea soon.. don wanna have a ugly face in photo~!!!!!



Here for a reason~

I'm just here to say I LOVE YOU~ <3

Monday, November 8, 2010

Method to make youself FAINT

LOL~ looking at how my friend did the method to faint and he did it on himself~ it's very funny~ they will go wobbly and unconscious~ like a drunk man

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holiday for a DAY!!!

weee today is a holiday.. so no school~!! but I slept till 4:30~ OMG.. sort of wasted my day.. ahhh I also want to get my holiday fast~ can't wait!! Going to China's Xiamen at 12 December till 19 December.. hahaha I hope I can go back to beaches in Malaysia~ they are really damn beautiful~ there sea is very clear.. not like Singapore.. and the colour is either green or blue~ U can also see fishes!!~ Even the sand is very white and clean.. I really like it alot.. miss the old days.. wait till I get a waterproof camera.. I will be going with my wife next time..~ ENJOY!!! I still remember it is Redang Island.. Which is a more far from another island call tioman~ I have went tioman a few times already but they arent better than Redang~ but it's more nearer~ look at the pictures of Redang. they are beautiful~

Monday, November 1, 2010


I Miss her~ I wanna hug her so much
I Love her~ I wanna see her so much

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I juz feel she is totally different after the incident.. I hope we can be like the past :(

The girl I long know is LOST~

having nightmares.. juz wan to tell u that I LOVE U deeply so stop hurting me already~

Friday, October 29, 2010


Aww im sick since yesterday and today due to over thinking and sad~ when I had no one to share how bad im feeling.. All this are then gather up and make me sick, couldnt sleep at night~ thinking bout u~ wake up for no reason and thinking about and cant fall asleep already, it's juz continues for a few days before I went sick.. now i had a fever and feeling weak.. so tired.. Maybe this is how "Love Sick" words are created~

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My head now hurts badly!!! My leg is so weak~ Im running infinite water from my nose~ Im so sick :( due to thinking too much and didnt sleep well at nite~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Internal Bleeding

It's getting better~ I hope it will be Sunshine after Rain~ Im juz feeling so alone.. I cud almost stare at this pic for a very long time, last time~ it's so beautiful.. I can always imagine im the one there whenever I see this pic..

Monday, October 25, 2010


don feel good since past few days~ yet im feeling worst yesterday and today~ I juz hope everything will be fine.. I hope whatever I think is not real~ no.. not real..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Argh~ Worried~

I don noe what happened to my honey but she is not in the mood~ she didnt even talk to me as if she's ignoring me~ Till now she is not online yet~ Im so worried.. she has nvr been like this before~ I hope I can talk to her soon~ :(

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hard To Earn Coins!!

Waahh.. I found a website that can earn coins to exchange for game coins like facebook game and even GUNZ!!! now only have 195~ ahhh!! I nid 500 to exchange for 50 G coins~ now I cant earn anymore cuz I have do almost all the request given.. must wait for new ones to update~ Happy Waiting!! HAHAHA!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun day in school~

Wooo today feels like going home early as I when home at 11:49 something.. Well we all are learning about setting up tripod and learn the camera menu~ wahh alot of things to learn.. like SP and LP.. 16:9 and 4:3.. some more I already forgot lol!!~ DV and something else.. waah today only learn all this lah~ cuz I used before this video camera, noe the simple thing to focus or auto-focus~ zoom and things~ hahaha the pic taken is yesterday~ and he's my teacher.. a secret shot ;p

Thursday, October 14, 2010

7th Monthsary

Hi~ Waaah today so unlucky in school~ team up with the ppl I don like!!~ One Bloody Tomboy one guai lan po lam pa kia~ ZzZ =.=|| why today so unlucky one!!~ I juz laughed at them when teacher put the leftover together~ then teacher see and can me T_T say arr u smile and laugh so wide.. and my rejection fail~ haizz~ damn unlucky!!

By the way today is our 7th monthsary~ YEAH!! hahahaha.. I see no response from her~ maybe she forgot.. I also nearly for forgot LOL~ but force to keep in mind.. the stain is there even i forgot.. after get home it will struck me ahaha!! Well HAPPY 7TH MONTHSARY MY DEAR~ I LOVE U!! MUAH AND HUGS!!~ <3

Hahaha~ the picture of us I have edited~ though it's not that good~ but I like it

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Wah 1st time play darts in school~ AHAHA when going to keep already I gt the bullseye~ and today was so fun!! we play darts, pool, golf~ LOL..and today we will be looking at the professionals setting up the very very good and expensive video camera~ call RED i think~ they are setting up the camera at 1st.. they came to film, for a commercial~ Asking the guy to do some work out and film him and his muscular body~ hahaha most of them are Caucasians and there is one black, sry not racist but I don noe how to say it~ LOL.. wahh also I didnt see the date for quite a while~ then I only saw that today was 13~ wah~ tml is me and my dear's 7th monthsary~ XD hehehehe!! <3

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Been A Long Time (A while)

It's been quite a long time since I blogged~ I STILL LOVE MY GIRL A LOT~ IM HOPING ONE DAY I CAN SEE HER The thing for what I hate most is NS!! wah.. like a destroyer.. we lasted for more than one month~ yet we nvr known each other for a month nor see each other before~ I ALWAYS TREAT HER LIKE MY WIFE.. IM ALWAYS THINKING IT'S LIKE I HAVE GONE OTHER COUNTRY TO WORK~

Looking at her pic is as though I have seen her some where.. maybe in my dream~ if my dream were realistic enough~ I wud like to hold her hands and go anywhere with her~ I will like to see her smile~ I know a lot of people will say we can't make it~ I have already proven it~ more than half a year.. Nothing is impossible that's what she told me when I'm a negative person that time~ I don't care, I will wait I don noe what is true LOVE means but I don care if people think I'm childish I will still follow my own way..

I LOVE U. . . T-T

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Dear~

Hahaha~ well I have been good with my girlfren.. well though i did cry for her at night~ hahaha.. and now she has started school and im on my holidays hahahaha~ but i guess im also going back school soon.. hehe I don hav much to say but we lasted for 3 months haha I LOVE U DEAR!!! MUAH MUAH MUAH MUAH!!! <3

Busy Holiday~

hello everybody!!! it's so long since i blog again!!~ still addict to facebook though.. don really know what to blog then, no one will see it.. and i wouldnt be looking at it too. well maybe when im old.. hahaha

I guess im going back school this coming monday for briefing about my attachment.. and OMG~ im gonna be working everyday and only have one day break.. I don know when is the one day break.. and my teacher told me i will work for 2 months i think or 1.. paid about $400-$450 and i think for 2 bloody months it's damn less.. then i guess i cant use my facebook too.. how sad..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Girl~

Hey pplz.. Hahaz~ Today's my lucky day.. and it's 16 March 2010.. Not by predictions not by other things.. It's bout.. Haha~ my 1st Girlfriend.. (Forgotten to say I didnt blog for a long time.. hehe)

Hahaz!! It may sounds weird but.. she's from Philipines.. LOL. AND!!~ 2ndly I've nvr met her before!!~ LOL... Hahaz.. I actually known her at facebook.. she is the one who started talking to me on facebook. then we keep chatting and become good frenz and yeah I don noe why I started developed this feeling for her.. LOL..

Then I ask her to be my GF and that was the 1st time I said to a girl lah!! but it's on the internet lah.. even if ask me go face-to-face say I like her, I would be shy to say lah.. haha then she actually accepted my relationship status changes with her.. yes and it's (In Relationship) status.. Hahaz. (Actually asked her to be my internet GF 1st lah. LOL that's why she accepted.)

Eh that day was 14 March 2010, whr i asked her to be my GF~ I also told her my feelings.. on msn~ hahaz. And today was almost like forcing her asking does she likes me anot.. ahahaz. and u noe what she keeps saying out one word by one word.. like I, enter, . enter, hahaz she even add in (drums rolling) LOL. that's whr I laugh.. O.O (She call me my dear and puts (LOL!!!!!) then later she write I <3U!!!!!!!!! Then she adds LOL!! again.. Ugh~ and that's how I noe she really accepted me.. but yet still so shy.. hahaz)

Yeah. then of cuz she finally says yes.. at 1st she says no. Psst.. U wan to noe my feeling is it? I juz said I noe wad u wan to say. cuz of her speaking is like didnt want to say it out. then I thought she didnt like me la~ and when I said I noe what u want to say.. and she says u understand what Im saying anot.. And WTH~ wah is like playing with me la! LOL..

Hehe.. not surprised if she dosen't liked me cuz we don noe each other..~ hahaz of cuz later she said yes.. Aha. of cuz I was happy. LOL. And I asked her to why she didnt tell me she likes me when she knew I like her?? then she say she shy.. LOL OK she told me that before~

Ahaha my frenz gonna laugh at me if they see this lah.. but I don care la. I really liked her.. Maybe becuz she helped me when Im down lah. And I helped her back when she's down. We started sharing our feelings.. And I didnt noe why. becuz she asked so I tell her. At least she understands how I feel and even some of my frenz does not.. maybe that is why I fell in LOVE with her lah.. Hahaz.

And I didnt really expect myself to write that much la.. This was the 1st time I written something so much that this is more than school's compo la..and it's my own will to write.. Although I used a lot of singlish.. hahaz. I might pass only if they ask me to write more than 200 lah.. LOL. I written so long and I bet this is the 1st long story in my Blog I've ever written, and I call this the POWER OF LOVE~!! (BLEW KISS TO LEA)

Oh By The Way!! Her cute and sweet name is called Lea Kieth Montemayor Vilvestre~ I remembered it becuz Im her Boyfren now!!~ Fools!! Hahaz - Cold

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mangekyou Sharingan Info

Mangekyou Sharingan, Tsukuyomi. Uchiha's ultimate genjutsu. The focus of this genjutsu is to cause a breakdown in someone's mind and spirit. First they look at their opponent in the eyes, then they choose a form to torture or a past event that hurt that person the most. Also they can make the person feel a certain amount of time in an instant. For example, they can make any form of torture like katanas shoved into them.

They can also make it seem like it lasted for 72 hours. (3 days.) This genjutsu causes a lot of pain that lingers around for a while. However, it's also apparently dangerous to the user. If they use it too much it could kill them. This wonderful power said to be the creator of the yuukugan.
The yuukugan only has the power to see fears though, and they use illusions to make fear appear.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hate this!!

Walao my com.. i hate it la.. I install one game called Live For Speed then i put at desktop cuz cant save it in program file.. then later i uninstall the half of desktop icon gone .. and i was blank in the mind.. i then faster got system restore.. then my bloody picture file inside all gone.. DAMMIT!! FUCK.. my photo also lost.. My precious 2000+ S.H.E pic lost..

now i retrieve it back from a program but it's slow.. and they bloody replace my pic with other pic.. Im very sad la.. now finding back my S.H.E pics.