Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just another Sunday

Got to sleep quite late last night.. around 2.30am~~ ahhh!! just because my friend asked me to download Dota 2, I downloaded half way and went to sleep lol.. it has pause function which is good! I just continue downloading today.. Look the logo matches my background so well! \(^o^)/

It's 3 more days to my friend's birthday.. wwaahhh I don't know what to buy, I'm so lazy to go to the mall myself and it's going to rain soon!! Tell me what should I do?! 泣く~ 2 Days of weekend isn't enough!ww

Saturday, August 25, 2012



大好き~ 私と結婚! T_T

Wednesday, August 22, 2012



I have got to watch it till almost 3am that night.. too much replaying.. ww

Few of my favourite members was there.. I didn't know why ただのん wasn't there~ Still I enjoyed so much!!~ Especially あおいりりり!!!ルカルカ☆ナイトフィバメグメグ☆ファイアーエンドレスナイト りりりり★バーニングナイト

仮面ライアー217はセクシーです!セーーーーーーーーークシー!!!私は死にかけています!美女です~~ (=ω=)b

おめでとう!!GJ!!88888888… ww

りりりちゃん可愛い!!~彼女は言った:”楽しかった”~ 声可愛い!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1st Investing

I just came back home from making my Visa Card, and also sign up for the membership on WorldVentures.

Spent USD360, hope it's worth it.. hope I can earn my money soon.. There are 3 websites I own now~ Now I have to recruit 4 person so I don't have to pay USD60 every month. If they keep recruiting, I might start earning money. (for free) :P

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's been a while

It's been so long since I blog, since there is no one surfing my blog haha. Just have fun blogging. I have been surfing Nico Nico Douga and downloading all the Vocaloid songs lately, there is no longer any english song except for Vocaloid. wwww~ I don't have any interest in English songs in the first place anyway, since from the start.

Currently I have learned a lot from the internet, like Japanese. I will still continue learning more!! The more I know the easier it could get, since I can already read Hiragana... Been having fun on NND and those livestreams.. I'm still so addicted to my computer..www!! I had already quitted Facebook games except Pet Society.. hahaha! I think I wanna quit that too.. I must try. It's just like smoking, it's all about the mindset.

I'm going through one more year of Army and I'm out, I hope I already had my goals in mind by the time. My mind is still so empty, I just go everyday as it is.. I don't have any interest. Those interest I had could not make a living. I don't wanna say about what I'm interested in, it's such a shame. It's more like a hobby. If only you can make money with your hobby. Well, actually you can but not much. Maybe I should try the Photographer's path? so many Hipsters have better camera and Photoshop skills then me eh?! LOL~

That's all for now.. さよなら!~

Tadanon funny moments

hahaha~ Tadanon in this video so funny.. he's so cute..wwww
I literally laughed out loud and keep repeating.. he's so helpless.. even the guy laughed at him.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

クネクネ☆ブラボー!! Kune Kune☆Bravo!!

ああ ああ たいくつ

ああ ああ わらえない




ああ ああ せつない

ああ  ああ  たのしみ






Sunday, April 22, 2012


I'm gleaming, sparking
Dreaming, breathing

(Kisu, ima.)

Yurayura kagerou iki rumo tanin makase
Sazameku hito nami iro meki... Waku mono ui

Douka kyou wa hotte oka naide
Hitori ni shinai de yo

I'm gleaming, sparking mata aeru you ni
Dreaming, breathing mata aeru made
Gleaming, sparking hoshiai i no yoru la la la la

I'm gleaming, sparking
Dreaming, breathing

Samayoi ijigen yorokobi ai shiawase
Kirakira amefuri souka kore wa kanrui u

Douka kyou sotto shite oite
Futari tsukanoma yain no fuchi

I'm gleaming, sparking mata aeru you ni
Dreaming, breathing mata aeru made
Gleaming, sparking hoshiai i no yoru na na na na

Chuu wo oyogu artificial satellite
...Ima ijou de donnani aishi tatte chikadu ke nai
Shiteyo sase te yo "Kisu, ima."

"Atarimae ni itsumo futari" Hatase nai yume oi

I'm gleaming, sparking negai wa kanau
Dreaming, breathing negae ba kanau
Sou desho? Hakanai yo ake la la la la

I'm gleaming, sparking mata aeru you ni
Dreaming, breathing mata aeru made
Gleaming, sparking hoshiai i no yoru na na na na

I'm gleaming, sparking
Dreaming, breathing

I'm gleaming, sparking
Dreaming, breathing

Friday, April 20, 2012

Shitty the Bird

Caught it in my Amoy Quee Camp, it was resting on the ledge and I chased after it. It flew, but I went to chase it when I see it fly low and the speed is slow. It landed on those tall grass slope and I pinned it.

It was frightened at first but after a while it's used to me and I showed it to my colleagues as I went back, my madam is kinda frightened it flew in the office lol..

I named it Shitty because it shit a lot in camp while I keep changing the papers.. hahaha XD and then I bring it back home in a ration box.. It started to panic because I hear tapping sound as it wanna come out.. so happy when I reached home with it.. 18/04/2012

Today I feel guilty for bringing the bird home.. It's dead this morning.. I went to peek and it's lying on the newspaper.. I was shocked and sad.. It only lasted for around 2 days.. Yesterday I force fed biscuit crumbs so at least it wouldn't get hungry and die but still.. I even give him water from the straw, it started to drink the water thirstily after the first time because it's not sure what's that at first.. kinda cute~ hahaha

He's a good boy, not afraid and won't really fly away from your hand though it tried to escape once but fail lol. It was in my hand and it saw the sky I think and flew towards my window and hit on the glass and landed.. I quickly grab him then, from then on.. I'm so afraid it will fly away again. Anyway I called *him* because I treat him as a boy, but it might be a girl.. I don't know~

My grandma also brought a Javan Myna to us, I think it's caught by my uncle and they say it cannot fly.. The bird wasn't afraid too I think, or too weak to.. I put my hand in the cage and helped it to get those hair-like thing in it's mouth~ I also stroke it, it closed it's eyes and I think it's feeling good, haha.. it's also so obedient~ but when I came back from camp today, it's dead. I think it died a while after Shitty died.. T~T why does all the bird I wanna keep dies? 20/04/2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Cobras

Today saw a black cobra on the way back to AAG.. I'm very happy and high as this is my first time I see a wild cobra XD.. Black and shiny scales, it's so beautiful.. it's laying on the slope not moving and me and my friend stopped our bike and went to see, I already think it's a cobra because it's neck isn't the normal size of his body and looks flatter, my friend then called our madam about this while my other friend then threw a rock at the cobra.

The cobra instantly look back and turned into attack mode with his neck wide open and standing up.. My friend suddenly got scared and run away as he thinks cobra can spit and make your eyes blind, but for me I don't think all does, and slowly it started going up the slope and I went to chase him hahaha!! XD

I grabbed the rock my friend threw and threw again, but I missed. It's starting to slitter away when I went closer, I heard a loud hiss. SSSS! and I was surprised as I thought their hiss are not that loud (maybe ours XD). I kicked the grass and tried to scare it more, lol.. It started to slitter faster and keep hissing at the same time it ran away, I stopped chasing when my friend asked me to stop and it went behind the tree.

After a while, he told me to go and see.. lol.. I was thinking "WTH?! now only you asked me to see when you said don't go, it will go up the tree" and I have already lost it, can't find it anywhere around the tree and the trees have many thick bushes.

So we ride our bike back to AAG, on the bridge. my friend saw another snake.. LMAO! he's like having a snake radar in his brain.. LOLOL!! this time our madam is just in the office and she came out and see, the snake then slowly went into the tall grass. It's also a black snake so maybe I think it's also a cobra, maybe they breed a lot. So around the area we keep looking for the snake while my madam called the pest control. Then another one came out, but it looked smaller, so we suspect there are not only 1 snake in those tall grasses!!

I wanted to use my broom and go pin it, but my madam saw my broom and said don't go. By the time the pest control came, we already lost it. Ahhh!! I hate it!! no more show to watch! They searched the grass and none were found! It's just a small area and I don't really know where they can hide. I think they might live in hole and we can't see it..

Maybe Monday I will try to find again, LOL!! I don't know why I don't have fear even though they are venomous.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mad World - Oliver

I find it kinda funny.. I find it kinda sad.. The dreams which are dying are the best I ever had.. :'(

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dreams & Talent

I'm so glad my secondary school teacher understands me.. he just said he see I'm interested in music and asked me to learn drum or guitar.. T_T wow.. no one have ever encouraged me to do all this.. I don't think my parents will allow... when I asked my mom.. she then say she allow ==|| she say if you really interested after learning then buy drum.. the last time I told her.. she just said "you a while want to learn this.. a while want to learn that.. forever cannot finish one la"

When I grow up.. I want to learn many things I'm interested in.. Art/Music/Photography.. I think I'm interested in things that are related to Art.. I'm don't know if I'm a artistic person but I'm interested in Art.. can be creative and have wild ideas sometimes.. I just haven't had this moment to put my interest in good use..

Monster Hunter 4 Dream!!

I dreamt of Monster Hunter 4 in my dream today.. DAMN!! damn awesome!!! Well the nice thing is the realistic graphic and interaction like Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm.. Press the button in a short amount of time shown on screen!! I dream that the monster was charging towards my character and the graphics are like those in the trailer.. but with interactions..!! that's all I remembered.. but SUPER COOL!! if I fail.. I may get knocked by the Giant Triceratops.. when I think it is a Triceratops.. lol nevermind.. still cool.. PSX is the console name I guess.. LOL where's my PSP then??? I should give idea to the next MH.. I can earn bucks!!! $$$ ^_^ the memory space would be big then.. but it's worth it!!