Thursday, September 11, 2008

Going Back For MHP2G??

Hey i really don't know if I'm really addicted? Now i found a new website and I gt a lot of new pictures of the monsters too.. All is absolutely Cool.. HAHAHA!!And got to know this new guy from malaysia..

He added me in MSN and we chat.. He say he live in Kuching Sarawak(i never hear before).. And he have Wifimax.. WTH.. I want it too.. So at least we can play with each other.

He's a old member of SoC and he say he was banned due to fight with the other Agito.. LOL

I'm lazy to make new post cuz of playing of PSP.. SO don't blame me for not posting everytime.. Here's some new pic i found from the web.. I still have more and this is only a few nice one..

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