Friday, December 31, 2010

Early Morning

Good Morning~ Wake up at 5:30 today~ mind starts running and I can't sleep again.. now my eye is swollen~ dreamt of you twice but you seem unfriendly towards me already~ im so sad and so hurt~ I really hate this a lot.. why does someone have to treat me like this and say everything is for my own good.. so is it for her~ I don't feel like falling in Love again, the one I trusted most now ruined me.. I will be happier if we are together, I want to go thru this New Year Happily, not sad~ :(

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Break up

Why does she wants to do this? I just hate it~ you just use the word it's better for each other.. I really don't want to end this.. it's like a dream and goal turns into nothing~ thrown away by someone else~ I CANT TAKE IT~ WHY?! I JUZ HOPE EVERYTHING IS A DREAM~ I REALLY CAN'T LET GO.. IM VERY SORRY Lea~ :( <3

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Why does this always happens!! I just don't have a great life~ I think I have always chosen the wrong path~ My life is still so dark~ I want to be alone again~ :.(

Monday, December 27, 2010


Now I have quitted facebook games.. and I'm still an addict.. now I realised it's not only the games addiction, it's actually computer addiction.. well what else can I do.. I'm just bored~ almost nothing is better compared to computers, it's the internet I mean.. Surfing around like crazy~ Watching animes, games.. sigh~ Soon I'm just going to die fast..

Monday, December 20, 2010

Back From Xia Men~

Weee!! I had a lot of fun at China's Xia Men and few other places.. We went shopping, eat, play.. had lots of beautiful scenes there~ mountains, beaches and gardens.. We went to visit relatives, I don't know them but they are friendly.

We taken a lot of pictures and my uncle forgot to bring his video camera as he was rushing at the morning~ LOL.. and we almost tease him everyday saying "wo de camera leh?".. hahaha!!

I bought 3 magic set there too!! 1 is a colour changing tablet, a spring with a key chain ring and a 5 dice in a box.. I like the colour changing tablet.. totally amazing!! VERY TRICKY!! I went to trick my cousins and it was very successful~!! The dice one is the hardest, 1 of my cousin exposed the trick!! sigh.. must practice it and also what to say..

I remembered I dreamt of Hebe at the 17/12/2010, I must have listen to her song on the comp in the hotel before I sleep so I dreamt of her.. I dreamt I was doing her concert~ LOL.. I must have think too much about my school stuff.. I can still remember what the person say!! He/She say record live Love! from Hebe and I also see her sitting down singing to a squarish old looking mic.. she's so beautiful and so close to me~ XD..
And the day on 17 we went to this mysterious place where the gravity is opposite to what it suppose to be.. We reached the place and there were a few people renting their bike to earn money, what a good idea.. haha anyway it's cheap for us so we rented.. You have to cycle down the slope, it isn't really steep and when u cycle all the way down.. u have to cycle up a little to get the wheel going a little and u can stop cycling and the bike will slowly go up, it's very slow and u are like almost falling off the bike, but I tried to keep balance and it kept going..

On the 19 I dreamt of Hebe again.. after I woke up and brush my teeth, the TV in hotel is showing all the MVs of music artists and I heard Hebe's song "你太猖狂" and I rushed out to see a little, they only show all chorus.. and my mom asked, she only knows I like S.H.E~ haha.. so I dreamt this time she is just in front of me, short hair, very fair but I forgot if she make up but I think yes.. but her eyes are different the side looks like mine!! I have sort of "bend-ins" on my side of the eyes.. She don't look like Hebe but I know she is.. only she appears different in my dreams hahaha except for her eyes I guess the rest is the same, why guess? cause I didn't notice that much!! only looking in her eyes and we stare at each other~ but why I didn't dreamt of my girl when I think of her at night? I think I didn't think hard enough.. XS

Going to upload everything to Facebook soon and maybe here too!! some pictures and videos

Thursday, December 9, 2010

DYE Hair

Weeee!!! I have dyed my hair today~!! hahaha 1st time.. finally my mom allow.. it's dark brown.. she don't allow bright colours.. LOL~ but I keep asking for a white purposely. LOL then she say no, I say purple~ hahaha!!! lol.. ah it's quite cheap~ $5.90 only.. I forgot brand name.. but the number or colour number is 41

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time flys

Where have da pretty pics go?? Time fly so fast and I hate it.. Hope I can hold on to it~ ♥

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time Fly Fast

Wow the time do fly so fast~ I was once waiting for my girl's birthday and then now it's over and had went to my relative wedding dinner.. and now it's December and I'm going overseas to China soon!!~