Tuesday, March 10, 2009


HEhEh.. manage to take some pics when S.H.E came to east point and causeway point.. i took few at east point but then finish the damn battery argh!! somemore the view at causeway with them is nearer!! i should have SAVED my BATT!!.. SO here are some of the pics.. and the blurer one is my fren.. it was taken at causeway point.. i run two area.. that is SO FAR AWAY!!.. I must be a crazy fan.. the bigger pics is my fren's one but more blur..
Sry.. I didnt post all cuz im blur alr.. don noe which one still haven't post.. But I manage to snap HEBE.. THE LAST TIME.. OMG.. so happy
HAHA.. still rmb she is wearing the shirt "YEAH"
OK . time for some vids.. i also post some only 'random'.. gt bout ten plus.. one of it is when S.H.E coming up the stage..

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