Monday, November 9, 2009

Hebe's Info - S.H.E


Birthday: March 30, 1983

Constellation: Aries

Blood Type: A type

Height: 161.5 cm

Weight: 45 (now)

Character: Random

Place Born: 新竹

Family Members: Father, Mother, Brother

Favourite Singer: Junko, Faye Wong, The Cranberries, Lee Hom

Favouite Music: Alternative rock

Favourite Movie Type: Drama

Usual Hobbies: Listening Music, Watch Movies, Watch TV, Talk

Favorite Animal: Dog, Elephants

Animals Hate: Cat (Hate) Rat (Very Hate)

Wearing Style : Natural, Simple

Favourite Colours: Black, Red

Favourite Food: Soft Candy, Fruits, Bread

Things want to do: Singing, Sleeping

Describe Yourself: Hard to describe

How she join the entertainment circle: 宇宙2000实力美少女选拔赛

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