Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Wah 1st time play darts in school~ AHAHA when going to keep already I gt the bullseye~ and today was so fun!! we play darts, pool, golf~ LOL..and today we will be looking at the professionals setting up the very very good and expensive video camera~ call RED i think~ they are setting up the camera at 1st.. they came to film, for a commercial~ Asking the guy to do some work out and film him and his muscular body~ hahaha most of them are Caucasians and there is one black, sry not racist but I don noe how to say it~ LOL.. wahh also I didnt see the date for quite a while~ then I only saw that today was 13~ wah~ tml is me and my dear's 7th monthsary~ XD hehehehe!! <3

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