Monday, December 20, 2010

Back From Xia Men~

Weee!! I had a lot of fun at China's Xia Men and few other places.. We went shopping, eat, play.. had lots of beautiful scenes there~ mountains, beaches and gardens.. We went to visit relatives, I don't know them but they are friendly.

We taken a lot of pictures and my uncle forgot to bring his video camera as he was rushing at the morning~ LOL.. and we almost tease him everyday saying "wo de camera leh?".. hahaha!!

I bought 3 magic set there too!! 1 is a colour changing tablet, a spring with a key chain ring and a 5 dice in a box.. I like the colour changing tablet.. totally amazing!! VERY TRICKY!! I went to trick my cousins and it was very successful~!! The dice one is the hardest, 1 of my cousin exposed the trick!! sigh.. must practice it and also what to say..

I remembered I dreamt of Hebe at the 17/12/2010, I must have listen to her song on the comp in the hotel before I sleep so I dreamt of her.. I dreamt I was doing her concert~ LOL.. I must have think too much about my school stuff.. I can still remember what the person say!! He/She say record live Love! from Hebe and I also see her sitting down singing to a squarish old looking mic.. she's so beautiful and so close to me~ XD..
And the day on 17 we went to this mysterious place where the gravity is opposite to what it suppose to be.. We reached the place and there were a few people renting their bike to earn money, what a good idea.. haha anyway it's cheap for us so we rented.. You have to cycle down the slope, it isn't really steep and when u cycle all the way down.. u have to cycle up a little to get the wheel going a little and u can stop cycling and the bike will slowly go up, it's very slow and u are like almost falling off the bike, but I tried to keep balance and it kept going..

On the 19 I dreamt of Hebe again.. after I woke up and brush my teeth, the TV in hotel is showing all the MVs of music artists and I heard Hebe's song "你太猖狂" and I rushed out to see a little, they only show all chorus.. and my mom asked, she only knows I like S.H.E~ haha.. so I dreamt this time she is just in front of me, short hair, very fair but I forgot if she make up but I think yes.. but her eyes are different the side looks like mine!! I have sort of "bend-ins" on my side of the eyes.. She don't look like Hebe but I know she is.. only she appears different in my dreams hahaha except for her eyes I guess the rest is the same, why guess? cause I didn't notice that much!! only looking in her eyes and we stare at each other~ but why I didn't dreamt of my girl when I think of her at night? I think I didn't think hard enough.. XS

Going to upload everything to Facebook soon and maybe here too!! some pictures and videos

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