Monday, January 16, 2012

Dreams & Talent

I'm so glad my secondary school teacher understands me.. he just said he see I'm interested in music and asked me to learn drum or guitar.. T_T wow.. no one have ever encouraged me to do all this.. I don't think my parents will allow... when I asked my mom.. she then say she allow ==|| she say if you really interested after learning then buy drum.. the last time I told her.. she just said "you a while want to learn this.. a while want to learn that.. forever cannot finish one la"

When I grow up.. I want to learn many things I'm interested in.. Art/Music/Photography.. I think I'm interested in things that are related to Art.. I'm don't know if I'm a artistic person but I'm interested in Art.. can be creative and have wild ideas sometimes.. I just haven't had this moment to put my interest in good use..

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