Monday, January 10, 2011

Cat's are lucky

Yesterday night~ The sky was orange in colour.. it was so bright.. I slept at around 3am.. I got up and kneel at my bed and said:"FWUAH!!".. LOL, cuz I nvr seen a sky so bright orange.. They are like changing everyday, before is Red, now Orange, what's next? purple? I wud like to see that~ It so wonderful.. Never expect the nature to have something like that.. Well I did turn sad yesterday night before I sleep because I think back about the things you said.. :'( and yes.. today it's rainning again..

I stopped using computer for a while today, and I looked down at my window at the kitchen.. There were 2 malay guys feeding cats, how I envy the cat's life.. Got to get food everyday and the people came here by car just for them~ There was this male cat eating half way and ran under the car to hide.. maybe it's cold and rainning.. The guy just take it's food and put under the car.. WOW!! The cat is really so lucky.. serving them like a king.. oh how I know it's a male cat from this far? hmm can see.. it's obvious~

And there is also a female cat, it just came only.. The guy give her food also, but it starts to lean and rub against the guy's legs.. Only after she eat but only a little.. Then the guy open his car and the female cat went in.. haha~ he closed the door and open after sometimes, continuously.. It still didn't want to come out, resting inside.. The guy's then talk and smoke outside.. Even after I have finished bathing, the cat is still resting inside his car and the rain is getting heavier.. The guy just wander near their cars.. Those cat is really so lucky.. how I wish I was them..

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