Sunday, November 13, 2011

AFA 2011

Cosplay Competition is so AWESOME!!~ Philippines got 1st for Dissidia~ 2nd for Final Fantasy XIII (Thailand)... 3rd for Kamen Rider (Indonesia).. i thought Kamen Rider would at least get 2nd.. Judges must have love Final Fantasy so much~ LOL!! But Dissidia performance was great!! so alike.. XD

Warrior of Light VS Granbrath... The Granbrath sword was so detailed and Warrior of Light was actually a girl.. but look so like the original one!!~

Taken many pics.. until my camera battery went flat~ So many nice Cosplay!!~ sigh just didn't take much pics with them~ I remembered I took with Winter Miku and Lenalee.. Lenalee is so pretty and cute~ DAMN!~ XD

I even bought a Katana Umbrella lol~ I guess everyone is watching wherever I go~ :P

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