Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vehicle Commander

It felt so great just sitting there and people driving you.. even when there is red light.. there would be Military Police stopping the cars for you and just drive through.. you don't know how great it felt.. every curious people will be looking where-ever we go.. Some would even point.. Totally felt like a Prince travelling from one place to another.. hahaha~ All we did was to move 12 Guns to other camp.. we did 6 yesterday and 6 again today..

Yesterday there is also accident.. the military police's bike's side basket got crushed by the loan loader.. HARDCORE!! just right in front of my eyes.. that's the first time I see accident right in an instant.. A few more inches I guess I would be seeing gore.. luckily the motorist is safe.. He just smiled with the embarrassment I guess.. the face of "=.=" we were then afraid our time would have to delay so we wouldn't get home early.. luckily the one who are involved is the driver and the vehicle commander.. lol~

I'm so afraid to sleep in any vehicle again.. I might be responsible for any accident that happened to my vehicle.. It was as if something wanted me to watch the guy having accident.. I were playing PSP in the truck until there were no battery left.. so I just have to see the scenery as I have got nothing to do and that happened.. that day.. I even talked to friend about gore and suicide.. he even talked about how his father go over a guy and had killed instantly with his head smashed and his father had to wash the wheel and there were brains and hair and he said his father puked.. lol~ and we talked before that happened.. when my friend heard about the accident.. he thought that motorist would have died..

Death really follow us whenever we go and they could happened anytime..

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