Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Cobras

Today saw a black cobra on the way back to AAG.. I'm very happy and high as this is my first time I see a wild cobra XD.. Black and shiny scales, it's so beautiful.. it's laying on the slope not moving and me and my friend stopped our bike and went to see, I already think it's a cobra because it's neck isn't the normal size of his body and looks flatter, my friend then called our madam about this while my other friend then threw a rock at the cobra.

The cobra instantly look back and turned into attack mode with his neck wide open and standing up.. My friend suddenly got scared and run away as he thinks cobra can spit and make your eyes blind, but for me I don't think all does, and slowly it started going up the slope and I went to chase him hahaha!! XD

I grabbed the rock my friend threw and threw again, but I missed. It's starting to slitter away when I went closer, I heard a loud hiss. SSSS! and I was surprised as I thought their hiss are not that loud (maybe ours XD). I kicked the grass and tried to scare it more, lol.. It started to slitter faster and keep hissing at the same time it ran away, I stopped chasing when my friend asked me to stop and it went behind the tree.

After a while, he told me to go and see.. lol.. I was thinking "WTH?! now only you asked me to see when you said don't go, it will go up the tree" and I have already lost it, can't find it anywhere around the tree and the trees have many thick bushes.

So we ride our bike back to AAG, on the bridge. my friend saw another snake.. LMAO! he's like having a snake radar in his brain.. LOLOL!! this time our madam is just in the office and she came out and see, the snake then slowly went into the tall grass. It's also a black snake so maybe I think it's also a cobra, maybe they breed a lot. So around the area we keep looking for the snake while my madam called the pest control. Then another one came out, but it looked smaller, so we suspect there are not only 1 snake in those tall grasses!!

I wanted to use my broom and go pin it, but my madam saw my broom and said don't go. By the time the pest control came, we already lost it. Ahhh!! I hate it!! no more show to watch! They searched the grass and none were found! It's just a small area and I don't really know where they can hide. I think they might live in hole and we can't see it..

Maybe Monday I will try to find again, LOL!! I don't know why I don't have fear even though they are venomous.

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