Friday, April 20, 2012

Shitty the Bird

Caught it in my Amoy Quee Camp, it was resting on the ledge and I chased after it. It flew, but I went to chase it when I see it fly low and the speed is slow. It landed on those tall grass slope and I pinned it.

It was frightened at first but after a while it's used to me and I showed it to my colleagues as I went back, my madam is kinda frightened it flew in the office lol..

I named it Shitty because it shit a lot in camp while I keep changing the papers.. hahaha XD and then I bring it back home in a ration box.. It started to panic because I hear tapping sound as it wanna come out.. so happy when I reached home with it.. 18/04/2012

Today I feel guilty for bringing the bird home.. It's dead this morning.. I went to peek and it's lying on the newspaper.. I was shocked and sad.. It only lasted for around 2 days.. Yesterday I force fed biscuit crumbs so at least it wouldn't get hungry and die but still.. I even give him water from the straw, it started to drink the water thirstily after the first time because it's not sure what's that at first.. kinda cute~ hahaha

He's a good boy, not afraid and won't really fly away from your hand though it tried to escape once but fail lol. It was in my hand and it saw the sky I think and flew towards my window and hit on the glass and landed.. I quickly grab him then, from then on.. I'm so afraid it will fly away again. Anyway I called *him* because I treat him as a boy, but it might be a girl.. I don't know~

My grandma also brought a Javan Myna to us, I think it's caught by my uncle and they say it cannot fly.. The bird wasn't afraid too I think, or too weak to.. I put my hand in the cage and helped it to get those hair-like thing in it's mouth~ I also stroke it, it closed it's eyes and I think it's feeling good, haha.. it's also so obedient~ but when I came back from camp today, it's dead. I think it died a while after Shitty died.. T~T why does all the bird I wanna keep dies? 20/04/2012

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