Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Day for Laser!!

WEEE!! I'm so happy today ahaha because it's been so long since teacher praised me XD!! I was smiling when she keep praising me~AHAHA.. 1 thing I don't have to edit already and can play facebook, and she also wants to let my other teacher see and she keep the thumbdrive in her pencil box~

hmm ask me what did I do? I'm currently doing laser~ I did some on Friday, and I got to restart because of not enough of graphics for Star Wars.. haha that's what I want to do from start.. I got to choose space for my laser then.. but I find my laser includes more in abstract and that is no link~ ahh.. I did a lot of repeat because there isn't much space thing and so I added some technology stuff like abstract..

I got to do it for 2 and a half hours yet.. I rush and complete it.. I thought it was bad because it was like a non-link theme LOL and yet teacher say it's very good.. LOL she say she was shocked at what I can do.. But I think mine is simple and the song is fast it's hard to put the sync together, and I told her I keep repeating.. she says nevermind, she say because the song is long.. she will take the one in front and cut it.. I think she is going to show at our graduation and she tell me I do one more with a storyboard.. wah that's harder and she still thinks I can do it, LOL

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