Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holiday for a DAY!!!

weee today is a holiday.. so no school~!! but I slept till 4:30~ OMG.. sort of wasted my day.. ahhh I also want to get my holiday fast~ can't wait!! Going to China's Xiamen at 12 December till 19 December.. hahaha I hope I can go back to beaches in Malaysia~ they are really damn beautiful~ there sea is very clear.. not like Singapore.. and the colour is either green or blue~ U can also see fishes!!~ Even the sand is very white and clean.. I really like it alot.. miss the old days.. wait till I get a waterproof camera.. I will be going with my wife next time..~ ENJOY!!! I still remember it is Redang Island.. Which is a more far from another island call tioman~ I have went tioman a few times already but they arent better than Redang~ but it's more nearer~ look at the pictures of Redang. they are beautiful~

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