Tuesday, November 23, 2010


WEEE! went shopping with mom that time.. bought a hoodie~ haha it was red LOL.. at 1st I don't know if I want to buy that.. there are four kind of colours.. Red, Green, Gray, Black... The gray I take it as white hahaha.. hmm cuz I got to mix my inner clothing with the outer colour I wear.. I like black but I got a lot of black shirt, the white I can mix with black thats normal.. well green is out instant LOL then I think of red~ hmm imagining.. hahaha I can mix it with white.. almost any colour, I don't have normal red T-shirt anyway.. and I think I can mix with inner black or white.. 2 choice!! I always think red is for girl.. but now I guess I don't really mind already, then it also reminds me of the coat Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist is wearing.. yet it's still so nice.. so I decided to buy Red!! lol.. I actually don't like bright red, I only like blood red(dark red).. haha now I can Cosplay Edward LOL

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